18 November  2014 - Issue #656
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Are you not sure if SEO can help your website to get more visitors? Twitter shared some days ago that SEO has helped them to get 10 times more website visitors. Do you use the full potential of SEO for your site?

In the news: Google steals more visitors from your website, no more local carousels for hotels and restaurants, Bing Ads changes many things, and more.

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1. Twitter: SEO has helped us to get 10 times more visitors

Are you not sure if can SEO will help your website to get more visitors? Twitter shared some days ago that SEO has helped them to get 10 times more website visitors. Do you use the full potential of SEO for your site?

Twitter and SEO

Twitter: 900% more visitors through search engine optimization

During the Twitter Analyst Day, Twitter's director of product management Trevor O'Brien revealed that Twitter made changes to ensure that search engines like Google and Bing could better access their hashtag pages.

These changes increased the number of logged-out users coming to Twitter from 7.5 million per month to 75 million per month. That's a 900% increase (10 times more visitors than before)!

Do you use the full potential of SEO for your own website?

Twitter's example shows how important it is to optimize your web pages for search engines. It's not enough to have web pages that are relevant enough to be featured on the search result pages. Twitter had these before.

It is also important that you optimize your web pages so that they can rank them as highly as possible. Here's what you can do:

Step 1: make sure that the technical aspects are correct
Some errors on your website can keep search engines away. Other errors can be the reason why your web pages aren't ranked as well as they could be. Other errors can damage your previous rankings.

To make sure that all of your web pages get the best possible rankings, check your website with the website audit tool in SEOprofiler.

The website audit tool will show you the things that you have to change to make sure that Google gets all of your web pages.

Step 2: make sure that your web pages will be listed for the right keywords

Even if Google can index all of your web pages correctly, you still have to ensure that Google will show your web pages for the right keywords.

The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler helps you to show Google the keywords for which you want to be found. Optimize as many pages of your website for as many different keywords as possible.

The better you optimize your pages, the more likely it is that you will get many targeted visitors through Google and other search engines. If you haven't done it yet, test the SEOprofiler Smart plan risk-free:

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2. Search engine news and articles of the week
New Google Shopping test may be increasing brand CPCs, signaling move toward Google Marketplace
"Google is now offering searchers of a retailer’s brand name the ability to click through to Google Shopping results for specific categories. When the user clicks on one of these categories, they’re taken to a Google Shopping results page showing products within that category from the brand they searched for. [...]

Drawing users in to a Shopping results page as an alternative to using the brand’s site to look through products feels like it’s going too far in interfering with what is, for the most part, a navigational search to get to the brand’s site."

GoogleGoogle drops local carousel for hotels, restaurants & other local listings

"Google is dropping its horizontal Carousel display of local search results in several categories: restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and hotels. It’s being replaced by a 3-pack of organic listings and some new secondary pages. [...]

The new 3-Pack will appear below the top AdWords results. The 3-Pack results are not ads; they’re the top algorithmically ranked listings. Users will then be able to click any of those three and land on a new business profile page similar to what users might see or have seen in a Knowledge Graph panel for the hotel or other local business."

Google Answers now with "show me how" links

"Google Answers is pretty controversial amongst webmasters but Google has said time and time again, why they source certain places and it does not substitute the web page itself. [...]

Tommy Sands shared a picture on Google+ of a query for [adwords negative keywords] that shows the answer and a bold blue link with an arrow that reads 'Show me how.' Clicking on that links takes you to the Google AdWords web page FAQs.

I have not been able to replicate this behavior for any other query outside of this AdWords example. I tried close to 25 different answer related queries and nothing yet."

BingClose variants are coming to Bing Ads phrase match (US only)

"We found that adding close variants to phrase match improves click volume for our customers - upwards of 5% overall - by better matching the searcher intent with advertisers.

The close variants feature is designed to help optimize for you and simplify your keyword matching, ensuring that your ad shows when the query varies only slightly from the keywords you have already selected. This will be limited to the US market for now."

Google 'in the news' box showing sponsored posts
"Google's In The News box which launched over a month ago has been shown to have some weird content found within it but sponsored post and content is something I have not seen reported yet. [...]

The story is from VentureBeat‎, posted two days ago and is a 'Sponsored Post.' Technically, not news, but paid for content. [...] This isn't too good for relevancy."

Search engine newslets
  • DuckDuckGo now a pre-installed search engine in Firefox.
  • Paid search spending increases nearly 18% in 2014.
  • Bing Ads testing alerts that show how many visitors an advertiser’s site has received.
  • Bing Ads: new bulk edit functionality for keywords, campaigns, ad groups, and ads.
  • Type or speak “Hodor” to Google & get a Game Of Thrones surprise.
  • Google’s French arm faces daily €1,000 fines over links to defamatory article.
  • Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith.
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