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The latest SEO tips:

  • Google announces another Panda update

    Tuesday September 30, 2014 - In a post on Google+, Google's Pierre Far announced the latest version of Google's Panda update. How will this update affect the rankings of your web pages on Google? What can you do to make sure that your web pages get better rankings?

  • New in SEOprofiler: website audit tool now with spell check feature

    Wednesday September 24, 2014 - Starting today, the website audit tool in SEOprofiler also checks your web pages for spelling mistakes. The website audit tool in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that detects problems on your website that can lead to bad rankings on Google and other search engines..

  • How to use internal links to improve your search engine rankings

    Tuesday September 16, 2014 - The links from other websites are a very important signal for Google's ranking algorithms. The links on your own website also influence the position of your web pages in Google's search results. This article explains how to optimize the internal linking structure of your website to make sure that search engines index your pages correctly.

  • After Google's updates: how to judge the quality of a link

    Tuesday September 09, 2014 - Google's recent algorithm updates have shown that your website can get in major trouble if your website has the wrong type of backlinks. How do you judge the quality of a website? What is a good website and from which web pages should you get links?

  • Is HTTPS really necessary to get high rankings on Google?

    Tuesday August 19, 2014 - Last week, Google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal. According to Google, websites that use HTTPS might get a small ranking boost. Is this ranking boost relevant and what do you have to do to benefit from this change?

  • On-page SEO is still important. Here's how to do it.

    Tuesday August 05, 2014 - If a website is all about cars, it won't be found for the keyword "buy shoes" even if it has thousands of backlinks. On-page optimization is very important if you want to get high rankings for the right keywords.

  • Google releases an algorithm update for local search results

    Tuesday July 29, 2014 - Some days ago, Google released a significant update to its local search algorithm. The unofficial name of that update is "Pigeon". The algorithm update changes the local search results on Google. How does this affect your rankings and what do you have to do?

  • SEOprofiler now supports multi-user logins

    Tuesday July 08, 2014 - Do you work with a team on your websites? Do you want to outsource some tasks to a virtual assistant? Do you have an SEO agency with many clients and employees? The new multi-user feature in SEOprofiler helps you to get things done even more efficiently than before.

  • Introducing the new social media inbox monitor

    Tuesday June 24, 2014 - We have just released the brand-new social media inbox monitor. The social media inbox monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to keep track of conversations about your company and your products on social networks.

  • Google ranking algorithm update: Payday Loan 3.0

    Tuesday June 17, 2014 - On Twitter, Google's Matt Cutts announced the release of the third version of Google's Payday Loan algorithm. Are the rankings of your website affected by this update?

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