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Almost daily, we find new things, pages and information about Google™. That's why we've created this page. It's our one stop resource to all interesting pages about the Google™ search engine.

You'll find links to interviews with Google™ workers, Google™ tools, fun pages and serious information about Google's ranking algorithms. Have fun!

Ah, before I forget it: Feel free to link to this page.

Google™ is a trademark of Google Technology Inc. We're not affiliated with Google in any way.

Interesting official Google™ search engine pages

Special Google search engines

Google offers special versions of its search engine for special interest groups. Here are some of them:

Articles and news about Google

Our search engine facts newsletter contains Google news nearly every week.

Search our newsletter archive for useful Google articles, for example an article with links to 5 Google interviews:

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Useful and interesting sites about Google

There are many third party tools and information pages that help you to learn more about the Google search engine. Here are the best of them:

Sites about the "Google dance"

The term "Google dance" refers to the index update procedure of Google. Google updates its index about once a month. That update isn't done on one days but it takes several days.

At first, Google delivers new results only sporadically, later they appear more often: Google "dances". Google has several Web servers that get the new index for the main database. Some of these "Google dance servers" are listed below.

You can query many Google dance servers at once on the following pages:

Google dance servers

The following servers are known Google dance servers. If you search on these servers, you query an unofficial Google database.

Google PageRank®

PageRank is Google's system to determine the importance of a Web site. It's a nice indicator of what Google thinks about your site but you shouldn't get mad about this factor.

Google Usenet newsgroups

If you want to discuss Google issues with other Google users, you might want to use the following Usenet newsgroups:

If you think that an important Google resource is missing on this page, please don't hesitate to drop us a line .

Other special articles

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